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Print Posted by Master Connector on 09/15/2016

Are You A Get-Rich-Quick Opportunity Junkie?

Are You A Get-Rich-Quick Opportunity Junkie?

By Gregory H Bey

Several years ago, I realized that I was a Get-Rich-Quick Junkie.

I fell for just about any get rich opportunity that came my way...

When I was first introduced to so-called money making opportunities

way back in 1991 I believed that my time had finally come to get Rich!

A friend gave me a publication called, "Opportunity Magazine."

I read the magazine from cover to cover.

I read all of the offers about how I could get rich from home, I was hooked!

I started with chain letters, envelope stuffing, all kinds of

dealerships and on, and on.

About 1995 I heard about this thing called the Internet or the World Wide Web.

I read about how Easy it was going to be to make tons of money with

this new marketing tool.

However, you needed to have a computer to get at all of this Easy money.

As I am legally blind I didn't know how I would be able to use a computer.

I learned about a program that would teach blind people how to learn

to use a computer.

I got signed up for the program and learned the basics of using a

computer with enlarged text and a screen reader.

Once again, I thought my money problems would quickly be solved now

that I had a computer...

Well, needless to say, just learning a little bit about using a

computer did not make me rich.

As a matter of fact, things got even worse.

Finally after years of chasing all kinds of get-rich schemes, I

realized I was a get-rich-quick junkie, I couldn't resist spending my

money on bogus quick money plans.

It took me a long time, too long to realize, I had an addiction and I

needed to make some changes in the way I was going about things and

the way I was thinking...

One thought I had when I was first getting started was, if I would

stick with this long enough, I would find out how the money making

opportunity Industry really worked.

One thing I came to realize is, there are tens of thousands of people

who are Get-Rich-Quick Junkies and don't know it.

There are thousands of marketers who prey on the addiction of these people.

So, instead of trying to get rich, my goal has become trying to share

my experience with people who think there is really a free lunch.

There is a price to pay, that price is time and, or money...

The trend now for most marketers is: We Do It All For You!

This is, of course, what people want.

Here is the marketing approach some marketers use

They write a sales letter about this new method of making easy money.

Then they tell you all of the things you are going to need to do to

make this new money making method work for you.

Then they tell you, you can do all this yourself but guess what, give

us your money and we'll do it all for you!

The marketer knows that most people would rather have it all done for

them so, they just go ahead and spend the money to have it all done

for them.

They are happy to take your money to do what you can't do or won't do

for your self.

You have to make an investment of time or money the choice is up to

you, but trust me, There is no Free Lunch.

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