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Print Posted by Master Connector on 04/09/2017


Turning Cold Prospects Into Warm Qualified Leads

Greetings Everyone!

Something that a lot of business owners don't consider is the fact that sometimes you have to do research before you can start a lead generation campaign. This is because it’s important to know what your prospective customers need, want and are willing to pay for. This is so you don’t waste your time and money generating leads that don’t convert into paying customers.

When you talk about getting new customers to your website or business, the focus is often simply on bringing in any type of leads you can. A lead is of course any potential customer who meets the right criteria and thereby can be considered the type of person you’re going to be marketing too.

While this is a good starting point, you will yield much better results if you take the time to do some research into your target market. That way you can attract the right type of leads and you won’t be wasting time and money marketing to people who aren’t interested in purchasing from your business.

As a part of your market research you want to learn what it is that your prospective customers are looking for as well as the things they don't like because the better you know your audience, the more successful your lead campaigns will be.

Keep in mind that not all leads are created equal and some leads are better than others. The main goal of your business is to to bring in the right kinds of leads and convert those leads into customers.

Once you have tapped into the minds of your target audience you can tailor your campaigns so that they will draw customers to your business. Now let’s go over a few different types of leads so you can understand them better:

Cold Lead

This is the most basic type of lead. It’s someone who you have established contact with and who matches your target demographic. In other words, they are the right age, sex, location and income and you have the means to reach out to them.

Warm Lead

This is a lead that you have had an interaction with and that has shown some kind of interest in your business. They aren’t paying customers yet but they have demonstrated interest in you and that makes them much more likely to become a customer in future.

Qualified Lead

This is the best type of lead. It’s someone who has not only shown an interest in the information you share but has actually shown an interest in your products or services. That means with the right push they are more likely to buy from you.

Let me tell you about my latest lead generating efforts. As I have spoken about in other issues of this journal, I prefer to use print publications to generate leads. This is because in my opinion and experience turning a cold prospect into a warm lead is easier for me to do offline rather than online. Why? because there is les competition offline. Here is what I mean...

I placed a 10 word classified ad in Entrepreneur magazine. The classified ad section of this magazine is maybe three to five pages. I place my ad under the heading of Business Opportunities. The ad reads:

Passive Profits with BitCoin! By invitation Only.
Call Greg, 1-412 244-0448

If I were to place this small ad online on a classified ad site like USfreeads, I would have to compete with hundreds of other classified ads under the heading of, Business Opportunities. In Entrepreneur magazine I only have to compete with 20-30 other classified adsIf I would place my ad online I might get 2 or 3 responses or maybe zero responses.

So far, 19 prospects have responded to my ad in Entrepreneur magazine. In this ad, the prospect responds to me directly because I use my personal phone number This is my first step in turning the cold prospect into a warm qualified lead...When a prospect calls to talk directly to me, I can get their home address as well as their email address

If they have an email address, they go on my email subscriber list. This way I can continue to follow up with the prospect and hopefully turn them into a warm qualified lead because now I can begin to form a relationship with them

I'll talk more about forming a relationship with prospects in the next issue. Until next time, Happy Marketing.

Greg Bey

P.S. If you are looking for a way to find inexpensive, qualified leads, visit my web site at:



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