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Print Posted by Master Connector on 11/11/2016



Desperate Marketers:
How Much Money Did You Loose This Year?

Greetings Everyone!

Yes, here we are with two months left in this year.

Are you disapointed with your marketing efforts this year?

My guess is if you did anything at all, you probably didn't do too well.

The fact is that the vast majority who struggle to make a few extra dollars with some kind of home based/online business loose money...

This is because 'make money from home' opportunity marketers are often selling unrealistic or downright dishonest programs.

Their main objective is to get people to purchase their so-called money making program or opportunity.

The main focus of this newsletter/ezine is to offer some straight talk about making money from home for people who have very little money and little experience with money making opportunities.

This is my niche or tarket market.

This is my market because over the past 25 years since 1991 I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience about the people in this market.

So, my plan for the upcoming year is to stay on this path and do what I can to provide information that may be of some use in helping you to fight the uphill battle to making extra money from home.

Starting in January, I will be offering a coaching program through this ezine. Rather than making bogus promises about how I can make you rich, the focus will be how I can teach you how to keep from loosing money on worthless money making schemes.

I will be passing along full details on how my unique coaching program will benefit all those who care to join.

But for now let me share some general marketing principals and tips to help you succeed.

Principles from the Psychology of Influence:

  • Scarcity
  • Authority
  • Social Proof
  • Consistency/Commitment
  • Liking
  • Reciprocity

Tips For Getting and Keeping Customers and Subscribers

  • Don't play games with your customers ­ Always Offer Liberral Refunds!
  • Think in concepts ­ see what others can't see ­ or or overlook.
  • Focus on your core business.
  • The market comes first.
  • In direct response marketing - Your work is judged by its results.
  • Keep finding ways to re-invent the greatest themes ­ ideas  “ and powerful selling messages that have worked like gangbusters before.
  • By knowing MORE about the customer ­ you can MAXIMIZE the up-sell.
  • Selling is finding out what people want ­ and then letting them have it!
  • To catch a fish ­ you must think like a fish.

What You Need to Know

  • Know who your audience is
  • Know where to find them
  • Know what to say
  • Know how to say it

 Your intimate understanding of your market and core business is the #1 ingredient for riches.

The more you know about the customer. . .

  • what they have purchased before, or buying now
  • their problems, frustration and pain,

And the more you know how your product or service can offer them a solution to their problems. . .

  • The more effective you can be at selling them.

What Is Holding You Back?

I received an email from Sean Mize recently. He asked his subscribers to talk about some of the things that were holding them back. They had some great insights Here is a link to their thoughts:


. . . Just a little something for you to think about from the real world of struggling online marketrs

Until next time, happy marketing.

Greg Bey



           Published by:
     Day-Star Communications
     7202 Susquehanna St #314
     Pittsburgh PA 15208

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