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Print Posted by Master Connector on 07/20/2017

Save up to 90% on your Next Prescription


Present this to your pharmacist and save up to 90% or more!

MEMBER ID:  Enter Patient’s Phone Number


RxBIN: 610568


THIS IS NOT INSURANCE, IT’S FREE! Your Information is never disclosed to any third parties or used for solicitation, unlike any other card  we are HIPAA Compliant.

Thanks to the continued unparalleled success of you and InCareRx, we are happy to announce increased commissions effective with claims starting today, and paying by the end of September!  We are so excited to provide this for you. For those of you with strong Web presence, you are allowed to post these increased levels:


Alan Holmes JR NCR8785



From 1 to 499 paid claims in a month
From 500 to 999 paid claims in a month
1000 and above paid claims in a month

A Paid Claim is defined as all non-reversed or non-rejected claims from the cards that are not adjudicated at the pharmacy and where InCareRx actually receives a payment.  Please note to always send your Patients to 1st Wal-Mart, and 2nd CVS, then others on your claim detail that reflect a lot of paid claims! Kroger’s is also very good!  Why?  Because they love you and us for bringing them so many new customers and keeping them coming back!


We will purchase your cards and card holders for you when you start averaging 20 paid claims per week!  Just show us you are working your cards!

Become a rep TODAY by visiting www.incarerx.com  and click “Become an Agent” – fill out your info

Put your name and email address (or your group code) in the Referring field at the bottom  Mention Referred by "Alan Holmes"


We are HIPAA Compliant, Our cards do not offer Mail Order, so we are not competing with the Pharmacies – this is important to the pharmacies, physicians, and most to our patients!

No other cards have stronger discounts across the board, that we have found.

Paid Transactions in Month 1 are paid in Month 2



To obtain your professionally printed cards, visit www.JRSincarerx.com and enter your Group Number NCR8785  Your artwork and proofs are free, save them!




When you refer a rep, they will receive the same compensation above.  You will receive $0.15 for each of their claims.  These are your Level 1 commissions, and no limit to the number of reps that you can override.


When your rep refers a rep, you also override that rep the same amount.  These are your Level 2 Commissions!


This also applies to those who are Private Labeling or Co-Branding our Cards.



If you have any questions or want some help please call me directly at 951-260-7128


Paula Smith can be reached at 251.675.8872 or email support@incarerx.com


How is Obama Care / ACA affecting InCareRx?


For InCareRx we are seeing and will continue to see a significant increase in the demand for the cards as a result of ACA, folks we are having patients calling in with $6000 deductibles and cannot afford their meds, then we give them the price with our card, and they are soooo thankful. InCare Rx is realizing tremendous growth, overall we just seem to being hearing folks paying higher premiums while receiving reduced benefits.  This is increasing the demand for InCareRx:. 


Medicare Recipients on Part D – InCareRx Increased Demand:  There is an increase in the list of Excluded Drugs not covered by insurance.  Co-Pays on Generics have been increased such that we see a lot more cases where it’s less expensive to use InCareRx on certain generics than their Insurance Co-Pay.  Many seniors calling in have left their HMO and opted for a stand alone PART D with a deductable, and our card is in demand.  We also see more folks electing to have no Part D plan at all, and just pay cash for the few prescriptions they take each month or year.  We also have a lot of Part D recipients choosing to use InCareRx for their generics and their Insurance for Brands in order to delay or prevent the highly medicated from entering into the Donut Hole.  Those with beloved Pets that get scripts, and uninsured adult children are also calling frequently.


Group Insurance, those Insured through their Employer --  InCareRx Increased Demand:  This year has had a tremendous increase in demand for cards as Employers have either terminated insurance coverage for their employees, or have opted to reduce their expenses by offering their employees a reduced and less expensive plan with higher deductibles, higher co-pays, or basically eliminating their RX Coverage.  We are getting a large amount of these calls at the help desk and also reported to us by the reps.  Many are doing well distributing their cards to larger companies for their employees.  We are also filled with calls from those who lost employment and calling for prices to determine if it’s worth it for them to pay for Cobra – many indicate our card has almost the same prices or less than what they paid while insured (for generics).


Individual Health Coverage InCareRx Increased Demand:  We have many calls and reports of those who have either had to drop their Individual Health plans, or lower their premiums by reducing their benefits into a more affordable High Deductable plan, and are now using InCareRx to reduce their out of pocket expense on the prescription side.


Medicaid/Medical Recipients InCareRx Increased Demand:  Not sure what is happening here, but we are getting an increased amount of calls from those who are either being prescribed more medications that are excluded, or they are fully eligible in that they have a shared cost to meet each month before their benefits kick in, and they have to pay full price.  InCare is saving them.


Uninsured InCareRx Increased Demand:  This class is on the increase – every day we get calls from folks stating they are no longer insured, and of course that is just adding to the large amount of uninsured we already have.

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